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Ralf E. Motullo was born in Düsseldorf, Germany in 1961 and moved to New York City in the fall 1988.

He developed a deep appreciation for the arts which grew and blossomed during these formative years in New York City.

Being exposed to wonderful local artist's and the emerging global art scene had been inspiring and planted the seed of creativity with in him.

After a personal crisis, he found himself looking for deeper meaning and understanding, to explore his own purpose and being.

When he returned to Los Angeles in 2010, his drive to search his own depths and passion to express his inner thoughts developed into a style unique to himself.

By creating paintings with razor blades, he pours his life and expression onto the canvas. His work express both the pain and joys of life in the world with in him and around him. To use sharp cutting devices such as a razor blade seem to be perfect a tool for a modern renaissance man.

Painting has allowed him the freedom of being in the moment, while opening his mind and heart.

Today Ralf E. Motullo focuses his life on exploring the arts, painting, teaching martial arts, contributing to his community, yoga and life with his dogs.

Living in Los Angeles and California continues to inspire Ralf E. Motullo